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Firefighter Show Requirements

Event must provide items below:

Space Required: 40ft frontage X 40ft deep     Flat, Firm surface. (grass, asphalt, concrete)

Space allocated above is for the show set only and does not include space for the audience seating or viewing area. Bleacher seating is best (at least one section) for audience comfort and best viewing. Seating for 40+ is requested, chairs, benches, picnic tables, as we perform at ground level, sitting on the ground makes for a bad view and standing room only limits the view to those standing along our barrier fence.

Electric: one-30,40 or 50amp 220 volt circuit or Two-30 amp, 110 volt circuits/breakers.

Water: Near by garden hose connection (100ft) for refilling water fire extinguishers.

Camper/Trailer/Space: The cargo trailer is part of the smoke-rescue facility structure and is included in the set space listed above.  Our fire truck and equipment are stored in the trailer after hours.  Our camper and truck require additional space. Camper is a pick-up truck slide in camper. (10wideX20Ft long) Near by parking of the camper and truck is very helpful . Free camping space with water and 30amp electric including waste water disposal or one hotel with two beds is required along with all parking permits and gate admission passes.

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